Hair Mister & Bamboo brush set
Hair Mister & Bamboo brush set
Hair Mister & Bamboo brush set
Hair Mister & Bamboo brush set

Hair Mister & Bamboo brush set

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360 Degree Precision Misting Spray Bottles

Each set also comes with a continuous spray bottle. It is called continuous because it can spray across your entire scalp with fewer clicks of its nozzle. This continuous function allows it to produce a sustained mist that mildly saturates the hair evenly, perfect for refreshing hair curls or taming wild locks.

Durable and Strong

Both the paddle brush and rat tail comb are made from bamboo. Bamboo brushes are known for being durable and long-lasting, especially when compared to plastic hairbrushes. In addition to being durable, bamboo is also known for its strength, making this bamboo bristle brush and bamboo comb a must-have for anyone with thick hair, hair that easily knots or needs good curly hair products, or using the Klara Faire heatless curler.

Upgraded Hair Mist Spray Bottle for Hair

Featuring 300ml (8Oz) capacity, quick and easy refill wide rim, leak proof engineering, promoting 360 degrees usage, 0.3mm nozzle producing extra fine mist, our hair spray bottle is in class of its own. Available in 3 beautiful colors. A pink spray bottle, a black spray bottle and a silver mist water bottle.

Kick Frizz to the Curb

Did you know that bamboo hairbrushes are also known as frizzy hair brushes? This is because the wooden bristles of bamboo brushes do not produce any of the static that synthetic brushes produce. So, if you struggle with unwanted frizz, add this bamboo brush set to your kit of smooth hair essentials. It’s the industry’s best kept secret for achieving smoother hair!

Multiple Uses

Our mist Spray bottles, are not just beautiful they are functional for multiple uses. Perfect a as facial mister on a hot day, or a plant mister spray bottle, they come as easy to fill empty spray bottles so add what you like, and use as a cleaning spray bottle. the uses are endless.

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