Klara Faire Brand Enthusiast

Who is a Brand Enthusiast?

A Brand Enthusiast is someone who genuinely loves our products, will like to post about it on social media but does not want a long term contract binding them to promotion.

It is a one month term, and can be joined any time throughout the year.

We require that our enthusiasts post to either one of Instagram, tiktok, Pinterest, or YouTube weekly over the course of that month.

Your photos can consist of images of our products in use, and/or, how to videos, before and after videos, blog posts or any creative images of the products.

chest wrinkle pads

Being in our Brand Enthusiast team we will offer you a discount code to use for yourself to get any Klara Faire product, with the opportunity for a /rebate for a larger discount if all the requirements are met at the end of the month.


After the month is up and if you would like to continue with us then you will have the opportunity to apply for our Brand Rep team!

Benefits of Becoming a Brand Enthusiast

  • By applying to become Brand Enthusiast you are eligible to get up to 3 Klara Faire Products at 50% off. 

  • When you complete the simple terms of your Brand Enthusiast Agreement, you qualify for an additional 25% reimbursement on your purchase- for a total of 75% off!

  • If you enjoy working with us by being a Brand Enthusiast you become eligible to enter our highly exclusive Brand Rep program- where you can win cash, Brand Rep exclusive items, freebies, and more... lots, lots more!


Why Apply to Be a Brand Enthusiast?

By becoming a Brand Enthusiast with Klara Faire, you are aligning yourself with an up and coming brand that has begun receiving huge national coverage.

You can then genuinely say I was part of that brand from inception and supported them in being whatever they are today.

Do not forget that you are also promoting healthier beauty products, and standards and playing your part in lifting up other women around you.