Practical Ways To Repair Heat Damage
Familiar with hair styling? Then, you are familiar with hair damage too.  Your hair looks dry, thin, rough, brittle and dull. You also have increased hair breakage and your ends have split and broken with white bits showing at the ends....
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How Heat Causes Hair Damage?
Nobody likes frizzy, dehydrated, lifeless, and dull hair... We are enticed into using heat products more than often and style our hair. A hot shower, followed by a hot session with a hair dryer, often followed by heat styling with a hair...
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Caring for your Klara Faire Silk Curlers
So, you’ve decided to embrace a healthier, heatless, hair styling journey, congrats girl! Now, you’re probably wondering how to go about caring for your Mulberry Silk Curlers. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
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