The Right Age to Start Skin Care

The Right Age to Start Skin Care


From sagging skin to bags under the eyes, to crow’s feet and of course, the dreaded furrow line, we are all familiar with the signs of aging on our skin. But when is the best time to start addressing these concerns?


The short answer to this question is, “right now”!


Whether you are in your early 20s and have a face that hasn’t been touched by gravity yet, or you are in your 60s and looking for ways to reverse the damage your skin has endured from years of sunbathing, you are never too young or too old to start focusing on daily skin care practices.


For those still in their youth, the daily skin care practices that should be adopted should be centered around prevention. After all, the best way to treat a wrinkle or age-spot is to never get one in the first place. Remember this golden rule – prevention is always easier than treatment!


While aging is a fact of life, there are ways you can lessen its effects. Early preventive strategies include using sunblock with SPF. Remember, when it comes to sun protection, the earlier you start, the better. So if you have young children, start teaching them the importance of daily sun protection at an early age. As far as sunblock lotion choices go, we always recommend opting for a broad-range UVA and UVB SPF which offers all round protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

While daily sunblock use should be started from childhood, an anti-aging skin care regime should be adopted during your early 20s. Why? Because this is the age range where our body naturally starts to produce less collagen. For those of you who are new to this term, collagen is the protein found in skin that is responsible for its elasticity and firmness. So, when collagen begins to deplete, the first signs of aging typically begin to emerge which commonly take the form of fine lines, dark under eye circles, and dry skin.


However, if you consider yourself to be in your golden years, using anti-aging face masks, creams, and other youth-promoting skin care practices can still benefit your skin. While not all damage can be reversed, for example deep wrinkles, anti-aging practices that infuse hydration and other powerful youth-promoting ingredients into one’s skin can improve the appearance of existing wrinkles, thereby softening one’s overall complexion.


So, while implementing an anti-aging skin care routine early in life is the gold standard, it is never too late to start investing in the health and appearance of one’s skin, regardless of how many candles you’re blowing out this year!

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