Science Of Beauty Sleep

Science Of Beauty Sleep

Do you know why the sleeping beauty stayed beautiful even after 100 years? because she was asleep. That is why it is called beauty sleep maybe..

Sleeping is the human equivalent of restarting your computer. If something is wrong, turn it off and on again. In the same way, our bodies sleep to correct all the things and regenerate and reinvigorate us, but that process is not just for your brain, it is for your skin as well.

When we are sleeping skin heals and repairs itself. This is why, when you wake up from a good night’s sleep, your skin automatically looks a lot fresher.

Why Is Beauty Sleep Important?

Other than the fact that not sleeping makes one go mad, sleep is important for the following reasons.

1. Lesser dark circles and Brighter eyes

The best effect of sleep is not on the brain but on the eyes. Sleep helps the liquid in our eyes and keeps them moist.
Moreover, all the stimulus we take from our eyes when shut off gives our brains time to focus on other body-related things like repair.

2. Glowing skin

All the skin-related molecules released while we are asleep help heal from minor skin trauma caused by the sun.

3. Reduced signs of ageing and Youthful skin

When we are sleeping, collagen production and release are boosted.. Collagen is a fancy protein that keeps our skin supple and elastic, meaning fewer wrinkles and less sagging. So more sleep means more collagen which leads to reduced ageing.

4. Prevents breakouts

Sleep also lowers cortisol production. Low cortisol can help improve stress acne.
Poor quality sleep messes with blood insulin and blood cortisol levels and causes the body to produce chemicals that increase cell ageing and inflammation, which appear as those damn red pimples on our cheeks,.

5. Skincare products work better

Body's switch to repair mode when we are asleep and that allows the products applied on our skins right before sleeping to penetrate deeper into the skin.
An effective and consistent routine can take you a long way in your skincare related goals.

Now, don't be scared if you aren't sleeping well at night. There are ways we can improve our sleep and all its regenerative processes.

How to Improve Beauty Sleep?

1. Get enough shut-eye

Doctors suggest a 9-hour sleep is best suited for our bodies. But with all the troubles of the world, who are getting 9 hours of sleep.

This is where technology comes to the rescue. Many free apps available on ios and android app stores can help you find your nighttime routine.
Make a sleep time routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face and apply your skincare products, read a book. Let your body know it is time to sleep. After a few days of that and you will become sleepy whenever you do your routine.

2. Shower before bed

Hot showers open up all the pores on your skin and relax your muscles. It increases the blood flow for when you're asleep, your skin will need nutrients (that come from the blood) to repair all the damage you have accrued over the day.

3. Follow a good skincare routine

Nighttime is the best time to apply products to your skin. It is found that penetration of the products is much higher during sleep time.
Pro tip: Apply products a few minutes before getting into bed.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When we are asleep, all our body's responses are sent into "Do not disturb" much like our phones. If your body needs water, it would not be able to tell you until it is super necessary.
Moreover, water helps with blood flow. Blood flow helps with skin repair. So drink lots of water before bed.

5. Room temperature and lighting

Doctors suggest that the best temperature for the bedroom is 22 degree C. Maybe for you, it is a bit higher or lower. But it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to sleep in a well-aerated room with the perfect temperature. Maybe invest in soft bedcovers and make your sleep as comfortable as possible.
Lights in your room also need to be dim. Eyes cannot rest in bright light, even if they are closed. Get the night lamp of your choice and switch it on a few minutes before sleeping to acclimatize your eyes to dim lights.

We all can be sleeping beauties, the ones that wake up glowing everyday :)

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