How to Achieve Voluminous Hair:

How to Achieve Voluminous Hair:

How to Achieve Voluminous Hair:

Calling all our fabulous, fine-haired ladies! Do your thick-haired counterparts got you feeling green with envy? Well, don’t fret. Contrary to popular belief, achieving voluminous hair has less to do with genetics and more to do with healthy haircare practices and styling tricks than we previously realized. In fact, even ladies with the finest hair can pump up the volume by focusing on these approaches:

 Ditch the heat:

It’s no secret that heat is damaging to the hair. In addition to drying the hair out, heat styling can cause unwanted breakage resulting in thin hair looking even thinner. Our Heatless curler made our of silk are a perfect way to avoid heat damage hair and obtain healthy fuller looking hair.


Change Up Your Parting:

Chances are, you have a favorite place to part your hair. This is typically where your hair likes to fall naturally. Unfortunately, this is also where it lies the most flat. Flipping your hair to the opposite side from where it usually lies results in instant volume at the top of your head, your crown.


 Try Silk Rollers:

Silk rollers are the ultimate way to deliver a voluminous curl to thin, flat hair. Unlike curling irons or flat-irons, silk rollers require no special technique. Adding silk rollers to your evening routine is a another great volume-boosting trick if your hair is already too dry to build volume through traditional blow-drying techniques.


Use a Volume-Building Shampoo:

You’d be surprised at the difference a good volume-building shampoo can make towards achieving your goal of voluminous hair. In addition to adding a volume-building shampoo, we also recommend taking it easy on the conditioner. Aim to use conditioner just on the crown of your head to prevent adding excess oil to the lower half of your hair. This oil can weigh your hair down and cause it to lay flat. 


Sleep With Your Hair Up:

Sleeping with your hair tied up in a silk scrunchie is the ultimate no-heat cheat for achieving voluminous hair. After showering, tie your hair up into a high, loose bun while it is still damp. This will allow your hair to dry while being lifted off the scalp, so when you wake up and take it down, you’ll have instant volume and perhaps even movie star waves!


Don’t leave having voluminous hair up to the gene pool. Take back control and enjoy voluminous hair with these easy volume-boosting haircare hacks!


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