How To Get Curls For Your Hair With This Healtless Silk: Healthy, Silky, No-Heat Hair Curler That Every Model In Using

It is a dream of every woman and girl on this planet (and maybe outside of earth, who knows!) to have perfect, smooth and silky hair. 
Nobody wants the discomfort that comes from tangled and rough hair because they are weak and tend to fall more.
Who wouldn't love the natural-like curls in their hair if any product could do so, without harming your hair?
Is that even possible?
First let me tell you about the amazing benefits of using silk on hair.

Benefits Of Silk On Hair

The main reason which damages our hair is friction, which comes from using synthetic fibers or excessive combing, brushing, exposure to heat etc. Using silk hair ties, silk curlers can be extremely useful in rendering soft and silky hair.
Silk has a very smooth and luxurious texture. 
Because during the processing of raw silk, the rough exterior layer is removed and we get smooth fibers of silk that are shimmery and exotic. 
Not every shining material is gold, but silk is more than gold for our hair! Why?

1.Silkiness of silk

Silk offers minimum resistance to hair as it glides smoothly over it because of its texture without causing any friction between your hair and tie. 
That's why when you use Klara’s Silk Crunchies and curlers, you get tangled-free hair every morning you wake up which makes your morning a good morning. 
Stop using those cheap plastic curlers and see why top models are all moving to silk curlers for frizz-free and happy hair.

2.No split-ends 

One must have noticed that it's not just the hair tie, but also your precious hair that comes along with it when you pull your hair tie. Our small yet repeated carelessness results in hair breakage and split-ends. 
Use Klara’s Silk Hair Ties, they are your hair’s best friend as they won't break your brittle hair, help them heal and render thick growth.
Not just hair, mulberry silk has numerous benefits for skin due to its never ending properties. 

Benefits Of Mulberry Silk On Skin

1.Sound sleep

Mulberry is very soft and provides a cozy sleep which is a must in this fast-paced era. This ultra soft fabric helps you glide right into dreamland. 
It provides such a silky feel that you are able to sleep better than when you’re wearing those weird right rubber or plastic ties.

2.Hypoallergenic, chemical-free

Silk is free of any chemicals and contains only natural substances. Silk fiber is similar to human hair. 
It is 97% protein, 3% fat and wax, it has 18 amino acids, which have a positive effect on your skin and that's why it is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. 
It doesn’t attract dust mites and resists dust and fungus. It prevents sensitive skin from irritations and itchiness.

3.Heat regulating properties

Silk has heat regulating properties and it adjusts your body temperature according to the surroundings. 
It is a breathable fabric which acts as a permeable layer between your skin and your surroundings providing you with the perfect heat balance and comfort on hot nights. 
Use silk and it will never be too hot nor too cold! Maybe that’s why silk has always been a favorite of queens and princesses throughout history.


Don't judge a book by its cover! Silk might give an impression of a delicate fiber due to its softness and luster but the truth is that a silk fiber is equally strong to that of a steel wire of the same diameter. 
Silk is not only durable but also elastic and can stretch easily without breaking, making it cost effective. 
So now you know why KLara’s silk hair ties are selling like crazy.

5.Hydrating and Absorbent

Silk fabric is not only highly absorbent and dries fast but it helps keep your hair moisturized and tangle-free resulting in reduced damage and breaking. Silk provides good air circulation which promotes excess moisture (perspiration) to evaporate and let your skin breathe. 
Now that we have talked about hair damage from friction that fibers (other than silk) cause, let me throw some light on the adverse effects of heat on hair. 
Talking about the damage heat causes is very crucial as 80% of women start their day by taking a hot shower followed by a hair dryer-drying and styling hair into curls or straights.
It is true that use of heat can style your hair the way you want and give you salon-like finish at home but it causes severe damage to your hair by changing the natural physical characteristics considerably. Experts say that hair can take heat upto 450 degree F and one must take care that whatever heating product they use must be under 400 degree F.

Signs Of Hair Damage Due To Excessive Heat

1.Dry and dull hair

Use of hair heating tools render your hair dry by vanishing all the moisture making it dry and weak. Even after moisturizing your hair if you feel they are rough and brittle, that's a sign of heat damage. 
Once the hair is damaged by heat, it loses its luster as the light which was supposed to reflect back, now scatters away making your hair look dull and faded. 
Check out our heatless silk hair roller which not only will restore your hair from past heat damage but also boost your confidence by making every day a good hair day.

2.Hair breakage and split-ends 

Heat damage is linked with broken hair and frayed-ends. Your split-ends are the sign that you should stop using your heat-styling tools immediately as there’s no going back from here. You can only cut them off. 
Heat damage makes your hair brittle and thus increases breakage and shedding. Your hair becomes thin and fragile which results in excessive breakage and hair loss. So you have to choose between either stopping losing hair or using these heat styling products.

Klara’s Essentials For Perfect Hair

1.Silk ribbon curler 

Our no heat curler set is the answer to every healthy hair fanatics’ dream, as it delivers impeccable curls without putting your hair at risk for heat-damage. Through using Grade A6 Mulberry Silk, our curl formers combat hair breakage as well as those pesky hair kinks that arise as a result of traditional, lower-grade fabric hair ties and harsh fabric- scrunchies. Get the perfect curls you ever wanted with our most demanded product which comes with a set of 2 silk scrunchies and a heatless hair clip.

2.Silk scrunchies

 Get the effortlessly flawless curls you’ve always desired with the help of our silk hair ties. Unlike curling irons, you don’t need any skills to get the most out of our heatless curl ribbons. Simply go to sleep with your silk hair scrunchies in and wake up to those envy-inducing beach waves, it’s that easy!

Not just the product is exotic, we have exotic and mouth watering color combinations for you to go with your everyday styling needs.
It's time to end all your worries about your hair. Get in touch with us at
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