Why Choose Bamboo Hairbrushes and Combs over Plastic Ones?

Why Choose Bamboo Hairbrushes and Combs over Plastic Ones?

Guess what? The secret to achieving luscious hair doesn’t always come down to just the treatments you use. In fact, the specific combs and hairbrushes you choose to use also play an important role in the health of your hair. In 2022, both hairstylists and hair enthusiasts alike swear by using combs and brushes made from bamboo, and with good reason. This tool choice offers a range of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at what they are:

1. Gentle detangling:

Unlike plastic brushes and combs, the bristles on bamboo hair tools are soft, smooth, and free from sharp edges. So, when they are pulled through hair, they detangle gently rather than painfully tugging and pulling at the hair and scalp. This makes bamboo hairbrushes the perfect choice for those with thick hair that tangles easy, as well as for those who are concerned about hair breakage.

2. Magical Massager:

Since bamboo hairbrushes make use of soft wooden bristles imbedded in soft rubber cushioning, they act as great scalp massagers. In fact, the movement of the bristles gently and effectively massage the scalp during each brushing session - no massaging skills required! If you are an avid haircare enthusiast, then you know that massaging the scalp is key to achieving thick, healthy hair as scalp stimulation boots circulation, subsequently fueling hair growth. 

3. Smooth and Static-Free:

Have you ever noticed that your hair goes frizzy after using a plastic brush or comb? This is because plastic hair brushes and combs increase the electrical charge of your hair, which causes static. The tell-tale signs of static include fly-aways, tangles, and frizziness. Thankfully, you can avoid the unwanted frizz by opting for a bamboo brush or comb. Because bamboo naturally has a neutral charge, these tools ensure your hair stays nice and smooth. So, if you suffer from a touch of frizz, bamboo hairbrushes and combs promise to be major game changers for your haircare!

4. Magical Mirror-Shine:

Thanks to the soft wooden bristles on bamboo brushes and combs, these hair tools have the ability to glide through your hair like no other tool can. The gentle stimulation they offer not only detangles locks, but also stimulates the oils from the scalp along each strand, from roots to ends. Since this oil works to protect your hair, prolonged use of a bamboo brush or comb results in hair that is shiny, glossy, and above all else, healthy!

5. Earth-Friendly:

Not only are bamboo hairbrushes and combs healthier for your hair, but they are healthier for the planet too! These tools are made from sustainable bamboo and natural rubber, so they are 100% biodegradable. This means that it is a zero waste product that can be put into your compost at the end of its lifecycle. 

While many haircare trends have come and gone over the years, we can safely say that the trend of choosing bamboo over plastic hairbrushes is one that is here to stay. Not only because it boosts the appearance and health of the hair, but also because it is earth-friendly. We love this tool because no matter what your hair type, length, or haircare routine, everyone’s hair will benefit from switching over to bamboo. 


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